Microencapsulation Study from DSX1000

Fragrances or essence play an important in rejuvenating the mind and the body. Usage of fragrance has been there for many years but retaining of fragrance was a challenge and due to microencapsulation, it is now possible.

The Microencapsulation, also known as micro-shell, is a complex technique that involves the creation of polymeric shells, whether natural or synthetic, in which particles of active ingredients and scents are stored inside and thus remain and kept protected from the environment

How does it work?

Active core which is enclosed in the capsule releases instantly on the fabric or textile material, when a mechanical movement such as abrasion, deformation, and friction occurs, and ultimately the active agents are released on the skin

Techniques to Manufacture Microcapsules 

·        Pan coating

·        Centrifugal extrusion

·        Inotropic gelation

·        Coacervation-phase separation

·        In situ polymerization

·        Emulsion cross-linking

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