ZSX Primus400


Solids, liquids, powders, alloys, and thin films are all subjected to elemental analysis.


  • Easy to use operability
  • Applicable to variety of specimens such as polymers, liquid crystals, gels, nanoparticles as well as proteins and biopolymers.
  • High-power point focus X-ray source
  • OptiSAXS high-performance multilayer optics
  • HyPix-3000 high-performance 2D HPAD detector
  • Superior small angle resolution (Qmin to 0.02 nm-1)

XRF with customized sample adapter system

This WDXRF spectrometer is adjustable to various sample sizes and shapes utilising optional (made to order) adapter inserts, giving it the flexibility to adapt to your individual sample types and analytical demands. This very versatile instrument may drastically streamline your quality control operations with a changeable measuring spot (30 mm to 0.5 mm diameter, with 5-step automatic selection) and mapping capability with multi-point measurements to check for sample homogeneity.

XRF with available camera and special lighting

The analysis region can be viewed within software using an optional real-time camera. What is being measured is completely clear to the operator.

Traditional WDXRF analytical capabilities

This “big sample” variation retains all of the analytical capabilities of a traditional instrument. From solids to liquids, powders to thin films, use high-resolution, high-precision WDXRF spectroscopy to analyse beryllium (Be) through uranium (U). Analyze a wide variety of compositions (ppm to tens of percent) and thicknesses (less than a millimetre). For best results on single-crystal substrates, diffraction peak interference rejection is an option. The Rigaku ZSX Primus 400 wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) spectrometer is SEMI and CE compliant.

ZSX Primus 400 applications

  • Composition of sputtering targets.
  • SiO2, BPSG, PSG, AsSG, Si3N4, SiOF, SiON, and other isolation films.
  • PZT, BST, SBT, Ta2O5, HfSiOx are examples of high-k and ferro-dielectric films.
  • Al-Cu-Si, W, TiW, Co, TiN, TaN, Ta-Al, Ir, Pt, Ru, Au, Ni, and other metal films.
  • Doped poly-Si (dopant: B, N, O, P, As), amorphous-Si, WSix, Pt, and other electrode films.
  • Other doped films (As, P), trapped inert gas (Ne, Ar, Kr, and so forth), and C (DLC).
  • PCM, GST, GeTe Solder bump composition: SnAg, SnAgCuNi Ferroelectric thin films, FRAM, MRAM, GMR, TMR; PCM, GST, GeTe
    ZnO, AlN, and PZT thickness and composition in MEMS.
  • SAW device process: AlN, ZnO, ZnS, SiO2 (piezo film) thickness and composition; Al, AlCu, AlSc, AlTi (electrode film)