QSense Explorer

QSense™ QCM-D Instruments

Discover the many possibilities of our most versatile and modular QCM-D instrument. QSense Explorer allows you to study molecular interactions at surfaces and interfaces in real-time in a broad range of measurement conditions.


  • Measure mass, thickness, and viscoelastic properties of rigid and soft films

  • Flexibility of manual procedures

  • Measure in Extreme temperatures

  • Most versatile for maximum experimental combinations and set-ups

  • Combine with other techniques

  • Broadest offer of sensor surfaces and coatings



QSense™ QCM-D Instruments

QSense instruments track changes in frequency and dissipation when molecules bind and interact on the oscillating QCM-D sensor, in real-time. From this information it is possible to quantify mass, thickness, viscosity and shear modulus of the adhering layer.

QSense QCM-D (quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation) systems facilitate real-time monitoring of molecular interactions and structural changes at nanoscale levels on surfaces and interfaces. Utilizing advanced Ring-down technology, which surpasses other QCM systems, the QSense line offers the fastest data acquisition rate available (up to 300 datapoints per second) and exceptional mass sensitivity (0.5 ng/cm², equivalent to sub monolayer detection). This technique’s versatility allows for extensive exploration and experimentation, making it well-suited for addressing research inquiries across diverse fields including biology, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, and food science.

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The Biolin Scientific product lineup includes the renowned brands Attension®, KSV NIMA, and QSense.