Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Make yourself self-sufficient in liquid nitrogen manufacturing by removing the burden of containers and creating it locally according to your needs.


  • Extremely easy to use.

  • Robustness.

  • Low noise level.

  • Built-in oxygen analyzer with alarm.

  • Unique interlock safety system.

  • Switchable voltage.

Guaranteed Measurement Accuracy

  • Cells (tumor, white blood, lymphocytes, platelets, bone marrow)
  • Cryopreservation of biological samples (e.g. organs, tissues, human and animal semen, fertilized eggs)
  • Cryotherapy (e.g. removal of skin abnormalities)
  • Bacteria, virus manipulation
  • Superconductivity coolant
  • Livestock industries (cattle branding)
  • Industries of different kinds (shrink-welding, CCD cameras, NMR spectrometers and MRI systems, high-field superconducting magnets, spacecraft thermal testing, shielding materials from oxygen exposure, controlled-evaporation or very low temperature reaction processes in chemistry, injecting nitrogen just before sealing or capping bottles or containers, freezing and transport of food products)
  • Cryogenic insulation in oil industry (e.g. to freeze water and oil pipes when a valve is not available to block fluid flow to the work area)
  • Avant-garde and molecular cuisine or gastronomy (instant freezing, ice cream, liquid nitrogen cocktails “cauldron effect”, food experiments and preparation)
  • Cooking schools