Mortar Mixer ToniMIX Basic – Model 6213

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  • robust, durable housing
  • wear-resistant, precise stirring tool
  • possibility of adding granular and liquid aggregates during the mixing procedure
  • integrated connection for dust exhaust


  • Operating Principle

    The  mixing  process  is  carried  out  in  a  standard compliant stainless steel mixing bowl with a volume of about five liters. A lifting device with lever operation facilitates the insertion or removal of the mixing bowl.

    The mixing tool is a standard-compliant, low-wear paddle made of stainless steel, which at the same time performs a counter-rotating planetary movement. The fixation of the paddle is highly precise and durable free from play. A quick-release fastener allows quick and easy installation and removal of the paddle. The distance between paddle and bowl is constant. The different mixing speeds are selected via buttons on the front of the mixer. By pressing the stop button, the mixing process is terminated or aborted. Granular and liquid additives can be added at any time via two feed openings.

Additional information

Required space Surface / height

500 x 700 / 800 mm

Max. power consumption

0,4 kW


6213.1 Power Connection: 400V, 50 Hz, Neutral+ Ground (PE)
6213.2 Power Connection: 415V, 50 Hz, Neutral+ Ground (PE)
6213.3 Power Connection: 400V, 60 Hz, Neutral+ Ground (PE) provided.
6213.4 Power Connection: 415V, 50 Hz, No Neutral+ Ground (PE) provided
6213.5 Power Connection: 3x230V, 60 Hz,
6213.6 Power Connection: 440V, 50 Hz, No Neutral & Ground (PE)

Weight gross/net

110/89 kg

Shipping dimensions w x d x h

800 x 600 x 900 mm

Max. mixing weight

4 kg approx.

Dosing quantities

Water dosage EN 225 ± 1 ml Water dosage ASTM 242 ± 1 ml