Pegasus BT 4D

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  • Can acquire full mass range spectra (5-1500 Da) at up to 500 spectra/s.
    • Bench top model with Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC).
    • Better chromatographic separations than one dimension Gas chromatograph.
    • Automated peak finding and deconvolution.
    • Stay Clean Ion sources eliminates the need for source cleaning.
    • Increased sensitivity with full mass spectral sensitivity at trace levels.
    • No need for SIM windows – easier method development.
    • Fast acquisition rates (up to 50 spectra/sec).
    • Good description of very narrow peaks (Fast GC).
    • All supported by an integrated software package ChromaTOF
    • Peak Find Software (locates peaks), True Signal Deconvolution.


Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) with TOF technique is the answer for complete analysis and characterization of complex samples. LECO provides a solution for complex sample analysis with the Pegasus BT 4D, the pre-eminent MS detector for Comprehensive Two-Dimensional GC (GCxGC). The High-Definition sample resolving capabilities of the Pegasus BT 4D, and the data processing features of ChromaTOF software offer every laboratory the ability to characterize and quantify even the most challenging samples. Cryo-focusing using a robust quad-jet, dual stage thermal modulator prior to release on the secondary column provides up to a tenfold increase in analyte detectability.

Variable modulation allows chemists to incrementally increase the modulation period only as needed. This revolutionizing capability allows for the incredible separations

of complex mixtures expected from the leaders in GCxGC technology. Complex sample characterization is significantly simplified due to the structured GCxGC chromatogram that

produces distinct bands for analyte chemical classes and the specific analyte identification provided by the TOFMS.