AC500 Isoperibol Calorimeter

Semi-automatic analysis of calorific content

The AC500 measures the heat emitted after a sample is burned to assess calorific value, a significant indicator of quality and value in solid and liquid fuels. For a small footprint, this stand-alone benchtop machine features a completely integrated circulation system—no additional heaters or coolers are required. The operating system uses an electronic thermometer accurate to 0.0001°C to measure temperature every six seconds, and an inbuilt water-measuring station streamlines sample preparation. Constant temperature monitoring in both the outer jacket and the calorimeter allows for two-channel adjustment.


  • High precision over a broad range of sample sizes and environmental conditions
    Combustion vessel with fuse wire or string ignition
  • There are several analysis modes to choose from: Precision, Regnault-Pfaundler, and Predictive
  • A string-ignition combustion vessel is available as an option for a smooth analysis without wire connections.