Theta Flex

Optical Tensiometer

Contact angle meter for all your measurement needs. Theta Flex is designed to fit both research and quality control.


  • Disposable pipette tips. Change liquids in seconds

  • Automation Faster results and greater precision

  • Camera High quality imaging with a resolution of 1984 × 1264 px and a maximum of 3009 FPS



The Theta Flex Optical Tensiometer, also referred to as a goniometer, contact angle meter, and drop shape analyzer, is a versatile instrument designed for highly accurate characterization of solids and liquids. It provides all necessary measurements in a single device and is engineered to deliver dependable and reproducible results in even the most challenging industrial and research environments.

Equipped to conduct a comprehensive range of automated or manual measurements, the Theta Flex serves as a highly adaptable tool in Research, Industrial, and Quality Control laboratories. Its measurement capabilities encompass static contact angle determination using methods such as sessile drop, captive bubble, and meniscus, as well as dynamic contact angle measurement via tilted drop and sessile drop methods. Additionally, it can assess surface free energy, surface/interfacial tension employing pendant drop and reverse pendant drop methods, 3D surface roughness utilizing the Fringe projection phase shifting technique, and interfacial dilatational rheology via the pulsating drop method.

The Theta Flex contact angle meter offers customizable levels of automation tailored to different applications. With its modular design and extensive range of accessories, users can easily upgrade or modify the instrument to meet evolving requirements.

The OneAttension software, included with all Theta instruments, features an intuitive user interface coupled with advanced functionality, enhancing the user experience and facilitating efficient data analysis.


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