MSX250 Sectioning Machine

Automotive, Ceramic, and Composite Sectioning

The LECO MSX250 Series sectioning machine is designed to cut medium-sized sections out of automotive, ceramic, and composite materials. With a 10 in. or 12 in. (250 mm or 300 mm) blade capacity and a 5.4 HP (4 kW) motor, an automatic pulse sectioning feed rate with load control improves cutting time.


  • Long life and precise sectioning are provided by the advanced spindle design.
  • Touch control panel that can store up to 10 programmes and is simple to use.
  • Welded steel construction withstands the rigours of manufacture.
  • T-slotted table with a large surface area for quick and flexible sample fixturing
    A built-in Y-table makes parallel sectioning a breeze.
  • Linear slides are not contaminated because of the isolated table design (X-axis).
  • Coolant drainage that is channelled allows for high flow rates while reducing debris build-up.