Density Meters

The DSG Series from Bellingham + Stanley answers a call from customers looking for highly reliable, premium quality instruments to complete a suite of instrumentation from a brand they trust. DSG Series density meters from Bellingham + Stanley are available in 2 unique models offering great flexibility as well as ease of use.

Simple to use. Easy to clean. Accurate Results.

Having an accurate density metre that gives consistent findings is only half the battle. Your instrumentation should also be easy to use, clean, and provide good traceability. The DSG Series has a wide and bright capacitive touchscreen, as well as an easy interface based on the successful GUI found in ADP Polarimeters and RFM Refractometers.

Because of its powerful internal air pump and integrated desiccant, the DSG Series eliminates the need for external equipment for venting after cleaning, freeing up valuable bench space.

Comprehensive software, support, and functionality right out of the box

Easy to use software & intuitive instrumentation for your laboratory
DSG Series Density Meters use Bellingham + Stanley’s proven touchscreen interface. The graphic user interface (GUI) has been enabling users of touchscreen RFM refractometers and ADP polarimeters to quickly and easily take measurements, calibrate, and analyse data for many years. Bellingham + Stanley customers will be instantly at home with the familiar bright and bold design. Users new to the system will appreciate the intuitive layout, and quick access to regularly used controls including “READ” and “METHODS”.

DSG includes 4 common measurement standards and 1 calibration standard. Calibration is performed with air and water and can be verified using accredited CRMs. The in-built barometric sensor checks that the cell chamber is dry, whilst the smart software corrects for pressure, allowing you to focus on sample preparation and other tasks.

METHODS are a simple way to get to the measurements you require, fast. This effective system simplifies the process by means of 4 separate values split between: 

  • Density
  • Density + Specific Gravity (SG)
  • Density + Brix
  • Density + Ethanol %vol/vol + Density

High accuracy and premium features no matter what industry

To facilitate measurement, DSG Density Meters utilise the oscillating u-tube principle. Using a secondary oscillator allows the instrument to monitor and adapt to long-term instrument drifts and environmental influences, meaning calibration can hold and be relevant for a long time. Results are displayed in less than 15 seconds, depending on the mode selected, whilst smart temperature stabilisation helps provide the most accurate results in super-fast time.

DSG Density Meters have been designed with a variety of industries in mind. From edible oils and soft drinks in food & beverage, to raw materials testing in pharmaceutical. Density measurement is key to production control and quality assurance. Used alongside complementary instrumentation from Bellingham + Stanley / Xylem, DSG Density Meters can aid in complete production control workflows. Recommended industries for use include (but are not limited to) pharmaceutical, food & beverage, alcohol (beers, wines, ciders and spirits), as well as industrial applications including acids and biodiesel.

21 CFR part 11 Compliance
Both DSG40 and DSG50 models have been designed with FDA relation 21 CFR part 11 in mind. On-board data protection, electronic signatures (including multi-verification), and compliance without an intermediate PC comes as standard. Complete audit trails are available within the on-board software. Additionally, DSG Density Meters feature a secure “print to PDF” function that may be configured to operate in secure environments in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. Importantly, the DSG Series meets all requirements of British, United States, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Density Meter Accessories
An extensive range of accessories, spare parts, and density reference standards are available. These include filling syringes, desiccant cartridges, cylindrical stands and a selection of common reference standards and certification for DSG Density Meters. Validation documents are also available.