Concentrators (also known as nitrogen evaporators or nitrogen blowdown concentrators) are a viable alternative to rotary evaporation when tiny volumes (less than 50 mL) and a large number of samples are required.

Safety, productivity, flexibility and reliability

Concentrators speed up the evaporation process by lowering the partial vapour pressure of the solvent just above the liquid’s surface. Blowdown evaporators use a jet of gas to constantly blast vapor-saturated air out of the way. By eliminating molecules as soon as they enter the vapour state, they don’t have a chance to return to the liquid state, which speeds up evaporation. As previously stated, the blowdown technique

Because nitrogen blowdown takes longer with bigger samples and semi-volatile chemicals may be lost, this method is best for small sample quantities. The evaporation is increased even more since the samples are immersed in a water bath with programmed temperatures up to 100°C. LabTech offers four variants, three of which are automated and one of which is manual, each with a variety of tube sizes to meet a variety of applications.

9 good reasons to choose LabTech Concentrators

Advanced solutions and features

Automatic adjustment of nitrogen needle according to the sample volume reduction

Visible concentration process.

Vortex nitrogen purge

Sample cups do not need to be handled

Automatic detection of the liquid endpoint