Sigma 703D

Force Tensiometer

A manual standalone force tensiometer. Easy to use and perfect for simple measurements of surface tension and interfacial tension. 


  • High precision Comes with the super sensitive balance

  • Quick measurement No need to use computer to run the instrument

  • Instant Results shown on the screen immediately



Sigma 703D represents a straightforward and durable digital force tensiometer designed for precise measurements of surface and interfacial tension, utilizing instruments such as the Platinum Du Noüy ring and Platinum Wilhelmy Plate, along with density measurement capabilities. Additionally, it enables manual determination of Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC).

Widely employed in both academic and industrial laboratories, Sigma 703D finds application in the measurement of surface and interfacial tension, as well as density, serving various purposes such as quality control of surfactant solutions.

The Sigma 703D offers the capability to perform the following measurements:

  1. Surface tension
  2. Interfacial tension
  3. Critical micelle concentration (CMC) (manual measurement)
  4. Density

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