ToniSET Compact

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Automatic, computer-controlled Vicat needle instrument providing six measuring stations for the determination of the setting characteristics of binding materials, preferably of:

  • Cement according to EN 196, ASTM C 191 and AS/NZS 2350
  • Gypsum according to EN 13279 and ASTM C 472


  • Increased efficiency through parallel automatic determination of the setting behavior in conformity with standards
  • Robust low-maintenance execution with automatic cleaning of the penetrating needle
  • Fast tesing mode for rapid setting building materials
  • Easy data export via USB stick
  • Simple conversion to other product standards e.g. cement, mortar in less than one minute

Operating Principle

The ToniSET Compact is operated by an external PC system (WINDOWS®) using the software VicatDB. Tests are prepared, controlled and evaluated by this software. After the onetime definition of the test parameters tests can be started directly after the input of an identification and the preparation of the specimen. Subsequently the instrument performs the test fully automatic and stores the measured values in a data base. During the test procedure all measured values as well as the actual setting progress can be read out at any time.

A selectable quick measurement mode allows shortest penetration sequences if required.

After the end of the test the evaluation can be done either automatically by the software or manually by the operator.