Le Chatelier Water Bath ToniCHAT

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✓ Permanent indication of target / actual temperature
✓ Automatic shutdown in case of water loss
✓ Temperature control with an exactitude of 0.1°C
✓ Capacity for up to 16 Le Chatelier Rings
✓ Test execution optionally under water or steam
✓ Fully automatic test cycles according to defined parameters
✓ Controlled test procedure for accurate reproducible test results
✓ Simple cleaning by a removable vessel made of stainless steel
✓ Sample carrier cage and removal fork made of stainless steel
✓ Integrated drain hose for an easy and fast water change
✓ Heating up from  20°C to 100°C within 30±5 minutes
✓ Stabilization of boiling temperature for three hours


The Water Bath ToniCHAT allows the standard-compliant, controlled boiling of binding agent samples (i.e. Le Chatelier moulds) for the determination of the volume stability or rate of risk regarding a subsequent extension of the binding agent (cement) caused by hydration.

The ToniCHAT corresponds exactly to the requirements of the standard EN 196-3 and performs an autonomous and controlled test cycle.

Design / Working Principle

After inserting up to 16 Le Chatelier moulds into the test basket, the basket is inserted into the filled test container with a retaining clip and the test cycle is activated. The ToniCHAT then carries out the test cycle independently until the end.

Additional information

Weight18 kg
Dimensions35 × 45 × 35 cm

5 litres

Power consumption

1.5 kW


50-60 Hz


230 V