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The BX3M series, which was designed with modularity in mind, offers versatility for a wide range of materials science and industrial applications. The BX53M enables a seamless workflow for standard microscopy and digital imaging users from observation to report creation, thanks to better interaction with OLYMPUS Stream software.


Six BX53M suggested configurations provide you with flexibility to choose the features that you need.

  • For General use:  Entry, Standard, Advanced
  • For Dedicated use:  Fluorescence, Infrared, Polarization
  • Various configurations to meet users’ requirements
  • Modular Design, Build Your System Your Way

Comfortable and Easy to Use

The BX53well-designed M’s and simple-to-use controls make difficult microscopy tasks simple. Users can get the most out of the microscope without having to spend a lot of time learning how to use it. The BX53simple, M’s pleasant operation enhances reproducibility by reducing human error.

  • Illuminator with a simple design.
  • Microscope Controls that are Easy to Use.
  • Quickly locate the focus.
  • Illumination that is consistent.
  • Operation is simple and ergonomic.
  • Microscope Settings Can Be Restored Easily.
  • Measurement Functions at a Basic Level


Traditional contrast methods of conventional microscopy, such as brightfield, darkfield, polarised light, and differential interference contrast, are maintained by the BX53M. Many of the challenges associated with detecting defects using standard contrast methods can be solved using advanced microscopy techniques for more accurate and reliable inspections as new materials are developed. OLYMPUS Stream image analysis programme now includes new illumination techniques and picture acquisition options, giving users more options for evaluating samples and documenting findings.

  • The Invisible Transforms Into Visible.
  • Create images that are completely in focus.
  • Move the Stage Easily for Panorama.
  • Both bright and dark areas should be captured.
  • Adaptable to Individual Observational and Analytical Preferences.
  • It can hold a wide variety of samples.

Leading-Edge Optics

Olympus has a long history of developing high-quality optics, resulting in a track record of verified optical quality and microscopes with high measurement precision.

  • Optical Performance that is Unparalleled.
  • High-Intensity White LED Illumination and a Consistent Color Temperature.
  • Support Accurate Measuring.
  • Stitching that is completely seamless.