MSX205 Sectioning Machine

Benchtop Saw for Electronics and Fasteners

Small sections for electronics and fasteners are ideal for the MSX205 Series sectioning machine. With an 8 in (200 mm) blade capacity, 2.04 HP (1.5 kW) variable speed motor, and integrated 4.2 gallon (16 L) recirculating system, this versatile sectioning machine offers both linear and radial feed modes in a space-saving tabletop compact.


  • Long life and precise sectioning are provided by the advanced spindle design.
  • Welded steel construction withstands the rigours of manufacture.
  • T-slotted table with a large surface area for quick and flexible sample fixturing.
  • Coolant drainage that is channelled allows for high flow rates while reducing debris build-up.
  • Recirculating system with 4.2 gallon (16 L) capacity.
  • A built-in Y-table is available for easy parallel sectioning.