Sigma 702

Force Tensiometer

A standalone force tensiometer with automated sample stage for precise measurements. Easy to operate.


  • Quick measurement No need to use computer to run the instrument

  • Instant Results Results shown on the screen immediately after measurement is completed

  • High precision Comes with the super sensitive balance



The Sigma 702 force tensiometers feature a large integrated digital screen for displaying results, coupled with an open design and user-friendly keyboard controls, making them exceptionally easy to operate.

Sigma 702 offers precise temperature control through an integrated water-jacket vessel holder, which is mounted on a motorized sample stage. On the other hand, Sigma 702 is equipped with a motorized sample stage but lacks the water jacket vessel holder. 

Additionally, it can be connected to an external PC for enhanced data storage and simplified reporting. The instrument includes data collection software as part of its package.

The Sigma 702 is characterized by its open design and user-friendly keyboard controls, making it exceptionally user-friendly. Results are conveniently displayed on a large integrated digital screen. The instrument comes complete with data collection software and offers the option to connect to an external computer for additional data storage and straightforward reporting.

Designed for versatile applications, Sigma 702 finds utility in various industries such as the chemical and electronics sectors, where it is employed for measuring surface or interfacial tensions in both quality control and R&D settings.

One of its standout features is its ability to achieve precise temperature control, facilitated by its integrated water-jacket vessel holder directly mounted on the motorized sample stage.

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