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The OLYMPUS CIX100 inspection system is a dedicated, turnkey solution for businesses who want to ensure that their manufactured components are clean. To meet with company and international requirements, quickly obtain, process, and document technical cleanliness inspection data. The system’s user-friendly software walks users through each stage of the procedure, allowing even inexperienced operators to rapidly and simply obtain cleanliness data.

Simple and Reliable

  • Easy setup for an automated, turnkey solution
  • Repeatable results from a stable measurement system setup
  • Excellent optical performance and reproducible imaging conditions
  • Automated system self-checks with an integrated calibration device
  • Full system integration for automated control of all hardware components

Intuitive Guidance for Maximum Productivity

  • Dedicated, simple workflows minimize user action and provide reliable data―independent of the operator and experience level
  • User-friendly tools make it easy to revise inspection data
  • Step-by-step guidance boosts productivity and shortens inspection time
  • User rights management restricts functions to minimize human errors
  • Touch screen support with large buttons that are easy to click
  • Compliant one-click reporting for efficient documentation
  • All data are saved automatically and can be easily exported and shared
  • Separate microscope mode with optional material analysis solutions

Fast Live Analysis

  • Overview image for fast identification of filter coverage, particle clustering, or worst particles
  • Automatic live processing and classification of contaminant particles ranging from 2.5 μm up to 42 mm
  • High throughput: system detects reflective and non-reflective particles in one scan
  • Live analytics enable you to react to the results in real time
  • Compliant results are customized to the selected industry standards