the STM7-BSW improves your work efficiency.

The STM7-BSW measurement support software is used to measure microscopes.
On the same screen as a live image captured by a digital camera and displayed on a monitor, observation, measurements, and report generation are possible.

STM7-BSW System Requirements

ItemSystem Configurations
CPUIntel Core i3 Processors 3 GHz or more
Memory4 GB or more
HD available space100 GB or more hard disk space for installation
SSD hard disk is recommended for high speed image acquisition
Graphic cardGraphic card available for resolution 1980 x 1080 and 32bit color
DriveDVD Drive
PC input device2-button mouse (3-button mouse with a wheel is recommended.) Keyboard
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 7 Professional (32bit/64bit) SP1
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (32bit/64bit) (Version:1511)
Web browserInternet Explorer 8.0

More Accurate, Faster, and Simpler Measurement of Objects with Complex Shapes

The capacity to observe the output display component of measuring microscopes clearly and easily is critical. That is why Olympus developed new measuring software to aid in the accurate delivery of complicated measurements. Digital cameras can also be used with the programme.

Convenient Functions Eliminate Subjectivity in Measurement

Automatic Edge Detection

This function detects the edges of the sample and automatically acquires and measures its coordinates. As a result, operators no longer need to designate the coordinates and subjectivity is minimized. Automatic Edge Detection also features a timer function that enables coordinates to be acquired in a specified time and supports the use of a foot switch that enables the operator to focus on measurement operations without taking his or her hands off the stage handles.

Abnormal Point Elimination

Metal burrs and other abnormal points can be excluded automatically during edge detection. This enables a consistent calculation of measured values, irrespective of the state of the sample. Points excluded as abnormal can also be displayed on the screen in diff erent colors.

Illumination Control

The microscope’s light intensity can be controlled precisely with software. When recording a workfl ow for replay measurement, light intensity settings can be retained, allowing measurements to be taken under the same conditions for replay measures or automatic edge recognition.

Customizable Report Generation

One-Click Report Generation

Measurement results can be output in Excel format with a single click, eliminating mistakes made during transcription. Images can also be pasted in along with the measurement results, enabling more effi cient report generation.

Multiple Image Alignment (MIA) optional

Tile multiple images to capture a single high-magnifi cation, wide-area image. Because the images are tiled on the basis of coordinate data, the system is capable of producing highly reliable images.