Theta Flow

Optical Tensiometer

Premium contact angle meter suitable for demanding surface research and quality control. Enjoy a user-friendly instrument with a high level of automation and accuracy for user-independent results.


  • Automation Minimal user interference

  • Disposable pipette tips Zero possibilities for contamination

  • Best-in-class camera with DropletPlus Superior image quality and improved accuracy

  • Autofocus Sharp image throughout the measurement

  • Integrated sensors Increased traceability of your measurements

  • Modularity Wide variety of measuring possibilities


Theta Flow Optical Tensiometer

The Theta Flow stands out as the top-tier contact angle meter, ideal for rigorous surface research and quality control applications. As a user-friendly instrument within the Theta series of optical tensiometers, it elevates automation to new heights while enhancing accuracy through its advanced camera, image enhancement capabilities, and sensors.

Key highlights of the Theta Flow include:

  • Enhanced automation – Featuring camera autofocus, automatic surface mapping, and automatically generated results, the Theta Flow sets a new standard for optical tensiometers. These advancements streamline measurements and enhance accuracy, simplifying the process for researchers.

  • Unrivaled accuracy – With a 5 MP camera resolution, DropletPlus image enhancement technology, and integrated sensors for environmental monitoring, the Theta Flow delivers highly precise results. This reliability ensures consistent data, essential for user-independent measurements.

  • Improved user experience – The intuitive touch display facilitates seamless measurement preparation. Tasks such as liquid handling and sample changes can be effortlessly performed directly at the instrument, saving valuable time and ensuring efficiency.

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