Toni SET Two

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Automatic Vicat needle instrument providing two or one measuring stations for the determination of the setting characteristics of binding materials, preferably of:

  • Cement according to EN 196 and ASTM C 191
  • Gypsum according to EN 13279 and ASTM C 472
  • Mortar according to EN 480 and ASTM C 807


  • The compact stand-alone solution for the automatic determination of the setting behaviour in conformity with standards. No external temperature control necessary.
  • Robust low-maintenance precipitation with automatic cleaning of the penetrating needle.
  • Turbo mode for fast setting building materials.
  • Easy data export via USB stick.
  • Simple conversion to other product standards e.g. cement, mortar in less than a minute.

Operating Principle

The ToniSET One/Two is operated by the touchscreen and the integrated keyboard.

After the onetime definition of the test parameters tests can be started directly after the input of an identification and the preparation of the specimen. Subsequently the instrument performs the test fully automatic and stores the measured values together with the corresponding parameters in a data base.

During the test procedure all measured values as well as the actual setting progress can be read out at any time.