MX400/MX500 Series Mounting Press

Automated Compression Mounting systems

The MX400 and MX500, our new completely automatic mounting presses, are your answers for faster, more sophisticated mounting. To save lab space, the MX400 and MX500 have a small, 8-inch broad profile. A touch-screen display makes operating simple and intuitive.


  • The sturdy, easy-to-clean solid steel crossbar closing design prevents jamming and enables for one-handed use.
  • You can choose heating, cooling, and pressure parameters with ease because to the intuitive swipe-and-touch user interface.
  • To meet your particular demands, create totally customisable methods or use an LECO-developed method.
  • Variable mounting modes for sensitive samples utilising all typical mounting materials.
  • Low thermal mass allows for faster heating and cooling, resulting in higher production.
  • With full size dual mount capability in 1.25 inch, 1.50 inch, 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm mould sizes, you can reduce mounting bottlenecks and boost output.
  • With the MX500, you can quickly and conveniently swap between mould sizes.