TGM800 Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator

Determine moisture through mass loss

By replacing the slow, laborious old loss-on-drying approach with an automated main method, the TGM800 delivers a high accuracy, automated solution for moisture determination. This design has a variety of time-saving features, including the ability to measure up to 16 samples at once with optional drying time end point detection and intuitive touch-screen software with configurable method options. The TGM800 may be used to analyse a wide range of sample matrices, including food, feeds, milling goods, and agricultural materials, making it a versatile solution for many labs.


  • Moisture analysis based on loss-on-drying for up to
  • With rapid oven temperature ramping and post-analysis cooling, throughput was increased.
  • Automatic end point detection based on sample mass constancy optimises drying time.
  • For reduced operator handling time, sample interaction needs are kept to a minimum.
  • A built-in 10.1-inch (diagonal) colour LCD touch-screen with Cornerstone® software lowers the instrument’s footprint while promoting an ergonomic and effective working.

Theory of Operation

The TGM800 is a thermogravimetric analyzer that uses a loss-on-drying technique to determine the moisture content of materials directly. The mass loss of the sample is calculated as a function of oven temperature while the environment and ventilation rate are controlled. The device is made up of a computer, a four-place integrated balance, and a multiple sample oven that can examine up to 16 samples at once. The sample mass is recorded once the crucibles are automatically indexed to the location above and dropped onto the balance pedestal. Each sample’s mass loss is monitored, and the oven temperature and atmospheric ventilation rate are adjusted according to the analysis method used. The length of the method analysis can be set to a specific period or determined by the sample mass consistency. The moisture result is presented at the end of the analysis as a percent mass loss for each sample.

The instrument contains an intuitive touchscreen interface that enables complete access to analysis control, method settings, diagnostics, sample reporting, and more in a highly organized and immersive environment. Analysis methods can be tailored to satisfy most moisture applications with editable oven temperature, temperature ramp rate, atmosphere, and ventilation rate. The software also provides on-screen plotting of sample mass loss and temperature, as well as storing and managing all of the data and quantitative calculations.

With a sample batch capacity of up to 16 samples and consecutive sample mass measurements occuring throughout the analysis process, the TGM800 maximises lab efficiency, productivity, and analytical performance.