A Microscope that Measures Up to Individual Needs

Whether you’re measuring little or large samples, basic or complex measurements, or whether you’re a novice or an expert, the Olympus STM7 series has a measuring microscope to suit your needs.


The UIS2 infinity-corrected optical system seen in state-of-the-art optical microscopes is used in the STM7 series.

As a result, observed images have great resolution and contrast, and aberration has been reduced to a minimum, allowing for highly precise measurement in minute detail.

Reliable Measurements with a Stone Stage-Mounting Plate

The STM7 series features a highly sturdy, vibration-resistant frame with a granite surface plate to further improve measurement accuracy. This stability allows for accurate measurements at the sub-micron level.

User-Friendly, High-Precision, 3-Axis Measurement

As current manufacturing technology becomes more compact and precise, very accurate measurements—not just along the XY axis, but also along the Z axis—become even more important. As a result, Olympus developed the first reflecting active, confocal autofocus technology.

Dependable Quality Based On a Strict Traceability System

A stringent traceability system ensures the accuracy of Olympus measuring microscopes, and Olympus even offers traceable calibration at the time of installation.

Other Features

Olympus Corporation Test & Analysis Center issued a calibration certificate that was authenticated by ILAC-MRA calibration certification authorities (JCSS, JAB).
Systems of traceability differ according to time periods and countries/regions. Each country/region calibrates the samples used in STM7 calibrations. Please contact Olympus for more information.