Theta Lite

Optical Tensiometer

Contact angle meter for simple and precise measurements. Clean and compact instrument with user-friendly design. 


  • Protective and small-footprint design

  • Fully assembled Comes ready to use

  • Batch quality control For efficient industrial checks 

  • Easy to use Allowing variation between users

  • Controlled droplet volume Reduced result discrepancies

  • Camera Captures wetting phenomena up to 2068 FPS 


Theta Lite Optical Tensiometer (Contact Angle Meter)

Theta Lite is a compact and durable optical tensiometer designed for straightforward and precise measurements of various parameters including contact angle, surface free energy, surface and interfacial tension, wettability, adsorption, spreading, cleanliness, and surface heterogeneity. Also known as a goniometer and drop shape analyzer, this instrument facilitates the examination of material properties such as absorption, adsorption, cleanliness, spreading, surface heterogeneity, and wetting.

Theta Lite offers measurement capabilities for contact angles, surface free energy, and drop volume, with available drop profiles including sessile drop, pendant drop, captive bubble, meniscus, and reverse pendant drop. Featuring intuitive smart features and controlled by the OneAttension software, known for its extreme user-friendliness, the instrument provides real-time analysis of results and includes a batch quality control measurement mode suitable for efficient industrial surface quality control.

The standard Theta Lite configuration includes a manual sample stage and a one-touch liquid dispenser, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for research, industrial processes, and educational purposes. Opting for the automatic disposable tip dispenser system eliminates the need for cleaning as droplets are precisely created using disposable pipette tips. The droplet volume is calculated in real time using advanced machine vision technology to ensure repeatability. Precise automated or manual droplet deposition ensures consistent results and minimizes variation, while the high-resolution camera reduces optical discrepancies.

Engineered for high accuracy, Theta Lite serves as an ideal entry-level instrument for users seeking an incredibly easy-to-use contact angle measurement solution. Moreover, the system comes fully assembled with a quick start guide, enabling users to begin measurements within minutes of setup.

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