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The AL120-12 wafer handler is FOUP (Load Port) and FOSB compliant, making it perfect for low-cost back-end inspection. While properly transferring wafers, particularly thin and warped wafers, the safe and ergonomic design protects operator safety.


Transfer SequenceTop Macro Inspection, Back Macro Inspection, Micro Inspection
Inspection ModeAll Wafers Inspection, Sampling Inspection
Wafer AlignmentNon-contact Centering
Wafer Transfer SystemVacuum-contact Mechanical Arm System

Ergonomic and Easy to Operate

  • The convenience of use and ergonomics have been prioritised when it comes to post-process inspection. Top macro, back macro, and microscopic inspection are all included in the AL120-12 system.
  • The robotic vacuum pick-up arm centres the wafer without touching it, allowing for precise placement on the microscope stage. During microscope inspection, wafers can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The AL120-12 connects to Olympus’ MX61L microscope, allowing for high resolution and accuracy optical imaging.
  • Operators may maintain an ergonomic and relaxing position for lengthy periods of inspection thanks to the centrally situated controls and on-board macro illuminator.

Robust, Reliable and Safe Handling

  • With the AL120-12 model, Olympus builds on their demonstrated experience in wafer handling. Its sturdy and dependable design provides wafer integrity and safe handling of 300mm wafers.
  • The AL120-12 handler is capable of reliably transferring thin and deformed wafers.