ColorFlex EZ

ColorFlex EZ Spectrophotometer

The 45o/0o design of ColorFlex EZ ensures that you not only get your colours right – but perfect every time. Your sample is measured in the same way as the human eye does. It allows you to view your colours in the same manner that your customers do, not only in the lab but in real life.


  • Measures the reflected color of solids and liquids
  • Product-standard storage with Pass/Fail tolerances
  • Displays Color Data, Color Plot, Spectral Data and Spectral Plots
  • Available with 45°/0° measurement geometry.
  • Requires very little bench space
  • Can be connected to a printer or a PC
  • EasyMatch QC quality control software

Guaranteed Measurement Accuracy

Microscope objectives from LEXT provide extremely accurate measurement data. When used in conjunction with the Smart Lens Advisor, you can obtain reliable data that you can trust.