Hot Stage For Microscope

Radiant RHX300

hot stage for microscope

Hot Stage For Microscopy Temperature control device that is thermoelectrically cooled. To immediately begin the experiment, choose an easy to set up equipment. Cool water circulation allows for observation from 0 to 125 degrees Celsius and below. The system allows for quick sample loading and positioning.


  • Hotstage has real time display of temperature and graph.
  • Versatile Heating allows attainment of desired temperature and step halts at various temperature
  • A unique engineered design for sensor position allows better accuracy in temperature monitoring in
    range from Ambient to 300°C.
  • Easy sample mounting where it is in direct contact with heating element.
  • The system consists of 2 wires with Dx16 connectors, a stage and a HMI controller.
  • The user—friendly HMI helps ease the operation and creating process.
  • Hot Stage For Microscope

Touch Screen Control

Hot Stage For Microscope .Touch screen control system for easy ooeration to inout desired set temperature, hold time and temperature Rise Rote.

Live Graphic Display

Hot Stage For Microscope. Live display of data in Graphs 6 Numeric values Easy caoture of images with scale Ond tOTDOFOtUFO.

Innovative Design

Hot Stage For Microscope. Its innovative design allows you to mount it directly on manual stage or motorized stage without need to remove it.