Rotary Evaporators

The EV series rotary evaporators have a novel and ergonomic design that includes a colour digital display to monitor and adjust rotation speed/temperature, a motorised vertical lift, evaporation flasks, and on-line sample addition through a PTFE valve. The stand-alone heating bath ensures optimal operational safety and ease of maintenance. It can be equipped with LabTech vacuum and cooling accessories to achieve maximum process efficiency.

Best in safety, performance and flexibility

When Lyman C. Craig, an award-winning chemical researcher, devised the rotary evaporation system in 1950, he probably had no idea what he was bringing to the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. He certainly could not picture rotary evaporators being employed in modern “molecular cooking.” The vacuum rotary evaporator can perform single stage distillations faster and more softly than a static equipment. The capacity of a rotary distillation is often four times that of a normal static distillation, which explains its widespread popularity. In many research and development applications, evaporation is a regular and critical process. In organic synthesis and the extraction of inorganic contaminants, concentration of solutions by distilling the solvent and removing low and higher boiling or solid residue is an essential step. Outside of research laboratories, evaporators are utilised in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and food sectors.

8 Good reasons to choose LabTech Rotary Evaporators

Programmable operations



Integrated vacuum control

Maximum safety

Quite operation

Comprehensive solution available

Excellent price/performance ratio