MSX432 Sectioning Machine

Sectioning of High-Alloy Samples

The MSX432 Series is a sectioning machine for big samples of high-alloy and hardened metals. The cold-cutting effects required for microstructural investigation are provided by short contact durations each stroke combined with severe cooling. The blade capacity is 17 in (431.8 mm) and the motor is 20.1 HP.


  • Long life and precise sectioning are provided by the advanced spindle design.
  • For the production environment, welded steel structure is used.
  • Flexible sample fixturing on a large T-slotted table.
  • Coolant drainage that is channelled allows for high flow rates and minimum particulate build-up.
  • A built-in Y-table makes parallel sectioning a breeze.
  • Linear slides are not contaminated because of the isolated table design.
  • Recirculating system with a capacity of 39 gallons (150 L).