ColorFlex EZ Citrus

LEXT™ OLS5100 3D Laser Scanning Microscope

The simple interface EZ ColorFlex Citrus was created exclusively to quantify Citrus Number, Citrus Redness, and Citrus Yellowness. The only measurement device confirmed to measure colour the way the human eye sees it, 45o/0o optical geometry, is used to attain this accuracy.


  • Measures the reflected color of solids and liquids.
  • Product-standard storage with Pass/Fail tolerances.
  • Displays Color Data, Color Plot, Spectral Data and Spectral Plots.
  • 45°/0° measurement geometry
  • Requires very little bench space
  • Can be connected to a printer or a PC
  • Compatible with PC based EasyMatch QC quality control software


Citrus Number, Citrus Redness, and Citrus Yellowness are all measured by the ColorFlex EZ Citrus. These indices were designed to score orange juice concentrate, but they’ve also been utilised for grapefruit and lemon juices in the past. The equipment can also measure in terms of the Hunter Lab scale and other frequently used colour scales in addition to citrus values. As a result, the technique may be used to determine the colour reflected by practically any opaque or semi-opaque liquid.

A sample tube holder, stand, clamp, and a calibrated plastic O.J. standard are included in the kit. The instrument has a sealed keyboard and a large, easy-to-read display. It takes up very little bench space and is quite simple to operate. The juice sample is poured into a test tube or capped tube in practise. The tube is put into the holder for the instrument tube. The measurement is accomplished by pressing one button on the equipment. Citrus Number, Citrus Redness, and Citrus Yellowness will all be displayed at the same time. If hard copy data is required, the ColorFlex EZ Citrus can be linked to a printer.