With 14 models divided into four families, Labtech’s range virtually meets the needs of any modern lab, with low and high speed, ventilated and refrigerated, small and large capacity, bench top and floor standing models, and an incredible array of accessories that provide flexibility and versatility.


  • Guaranteed measurement accuracy*
  • Renowned Olympus optics reduce aberration to capture the correct shape of your sample throughout the entire field of view
  • Smart Lens Advisor helps you choose the right objective lens for your roughness measurement

Guaranteed Measurement Accuracy

When Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens used the phrase “centrifugal force” for the first time in his DeVi Centrifuga, published in 1659, he had no idea what he was bringing to the scientific world. Since then, there have been other discoveries and advances, including Theodore Svedberg’s Nobel Prize in 1926 for the invention of the ultracentrifuge (which can hold up to 900.000 xg!).

Ivan Sorvall introduced the first floor standing unit with refrigeration in 1955. Laboratory centrifuges are today critical tools in a wide range of applications, from genetic engineering to haematology, drug discovery to pathology, marine science to agriculture, and so on, thanks to those pioneers.

Micro Centrifuges

3 compact units designed to offer maximum performance in a small footprint for every workstation up to 27.237 xg, either refrigerated and ventilated, carrying popular microtubes.

Low-Speed, Clinical Centrifuges

3 low-speed variants, both ventilated and chilled, that are ideally suited for everyday work up to 3960 xg. 4×100 mL and 6×50 mL fixed angle maximum capacity