Reaction Station

In the temperature range of -20°C to +150°C, a compact and quick reactor with 10 totally separately tempered and stirred reactor cells. Parallel synthesis, flow chemistry, reaction and process optimization, and DoE (Design of Experiment) research are all possible with this technology. With a versatile and inventive approach, you can save critical space in the fume hood. You save time and increase laboratory throughput with XELSIUS.


  • Ten experiments in a single unit.
  • Advanced software made simple
  • Different configurations and accessories are available to satisfy your laboratory requirements.

Easy and Flexible installation

Use the XELSIUS at the most convenient location for you and your work activities. Simply install the touch monitor where there is enough room. A cross socket is located on the back of the monitor and can be readily adjusted by hand. This allows you to place the monitor wherever in the fume hood where there is a free stand rod; with the optional monitor extension cable, you can even place the operating terminal outdoors. The XELSIUS monitor stand makes it easy to position the monitor on a table or directly on the XELSIUS reactor.

Precise control of reaction temperature

Each reaction cell can include an external temperature sensor, allowing the sample temperature to be monitored and recorded.

Reliable even in rough conditions

The XELSIUS System is housed in a PTFE-coated enclosure. With a PFA hose, cable connections and cables are also adequately protected. This signifies they’re ready for the rigours of working in a chemical fume hood. Furthermore, the screen’s simply adjustable slant means that you can monitor even in low-light situations.

Get started with LAB mode

The XELSIUS immediately enters LAB mode after being turned on. You have a complete picture of the status of all 10 cells and can begin individual heating, cooling, stirring, or temperature ramping for each one, with access to all necessary capabilities.