Vista Spectrophotometer

The simplest approach to get the essentials for accurate, consistent, and reliable colour and haze assessment of clear liquid and solid sample types.


  • Simultaneous color and haze measurements.
  • One-touch standardization.
  • Touchscreen display with customizable workspaces.
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Lightning fast measurement speeds.
  • Sleek, compact, elegant tabletop design.

Guaranteed Measurement Accuracy

Vista is as groundbreaking in colour science as the first smartphone was in lifestyle communication, thanks to its sophisticated touch-screen interface and quick connectivity. It completely changes the game. With the unique ability to capture both visible-range transmission colour and haze with a single test, you can easily upgrade your “workstyle.”

The Vista spectrophotometer is fully equipped, featuring electronic calibration, a spill-resistant sample chamber, and a tiny footprint for better accuracy, longevity, and flexibility.

Below are all of the additional features and advantages.