UltraScan Pro

UltraScan Pro Spectrophotometer

The UltraScan Pro colour measurement spectrophotometer detects opaque, transparent, and translucent solids and liquids across the entire CIE recommended spectral range of 360–780 nm. It may be used in the lab and in production to examine raw materials, evaluate finished products, and develop colour analysis procedures.


  • Measures reflectance, transmittance and haze
  • Wavelength range 360 nm – 780 nm
  • 10 nm optical resolution and reporting interval
  • Two reflectance measurement areas
  • Exceptional inter-instrument agreement
  • Automated UV calibration and control
  • Large transmission compartment open on three sides
  • Includes EasyMatch QC software

Guaranteed Measurement Accuracy

The UltraScan Pro accurately detects reflected and transmitted colour, as well as transmission haze, and follows CIE, ASTM, and USP colour measuring criteria. UltraScan Pro employs a diffuse/8° geometry with automatic inclusion/exclusion of specular components. The employment of a robust CIE-conforming sphere instrument (TTRAN Total Transmission mode) for transmission measurement successfully eliminates the effects of small scattering commonly encountered in clear samples.

You may be confident that discrepancies between measurements are attributable to product colour changes, not instrument variability, because to its remarkable inter-instrument agreement and long-term stability. Materials that are on the edge of acceptable tolerances will not be rejected.