The Game Changer in Microwave Digestion


Fully-automated microwave digestion system using Single Reaction Chamber technology

Patented ultraCLAVE microwave digestion system achieves extraordinary performance capabilities combining SRC technology with the highest throughput of the biggest microwave reaction vessel of the market.


  • Market-leading innovation
  • Fully automated
  • Enhanced performance
  • Unsurpassed throughput
  • Great return on investment


A digestive system with exceptional performance and capabilities is created by combining a stainless-steel reactor with microwave technology. The temperature range of up to 300 °C allows nearly any sample to be digested, while the maximum pressure of up to 200 bar allows for enormous sample volumes to be digested. Food, drugs, polymers, and petrochemicals are all highly reactive samples that can be entirely digested. The platform’s versatility has found a natural home in various analytical testing labs such as environmental, clinical, and biological. Because the established conditions in the stainless-steel cavity are applied to all vials, assuring thorough digestion of all samples in the reaction chamber, the ultraCLAVE enables for the simultaneous digestion of completely distinct matrices with completely different chemistries.

Greater productivity & ROI

High throughput without sacrificing productivity is possible using SRC technology. The ultraCLAVE significantly decreases operator and sample handling time, as well as the need to batch samples and clean vials, resulting in a more productive digesting strategy across numerous industries. The majority of samples will be digested using a single programme, which will eliminate the need for method development and streamline the digestion process. For mixed or comparable samples, the ultraCLAVE is a useful tool. With a digestion cycle of roughly 60 minutes for 40 or 77 samples, lab throughput is considerably improved. By eliminating the need to batch samples, speeding up the digestion cycle, and employing low-cost consumables, lab efficiency is improved. The ultraCLAVE outperforms any conventional digesting system in terms of productivity, convenience of use, and performance.

Digestion vials

SRC technology completely changes the rules of sample preparation. Instead of using a traditional digestion rotor, a rack and vials with loose-fitting caps are used, which greatly simplifies daily operation and reduces running costs. The ultraCLAVE racks are available in several configurations to accommodate varying sample throughput needs as well as large sample masses.
Several racks are available and the selection of vials includes high-purity PTFE, quartz and disposable glass.
The use of disposable glass vials eliminates the tedious cleaning step, improving lab workflow. Rack handling is as simple as hanging it in the system. Moreover, SRC technology allows for the use of a single method regardless of the sample type and amount, making it possible to digest different matrices together in the same run.

The operating sequence with SRC technology

The most time-consuming stage in elemental analysis is sample preparation, which involves building, shutting, opening, and dismantling vessels. The number of vessels employed has a direct impact on the amount of handling involved in these procedures. The ultraCLAVE with SRC technology eliminates arduous handling by using vials and racks instead of rotors and vessels. SRC technique is based on a stainless-steel reactor with a volume greater than 4 L that serves as a microwave cavity as well as a digesting vessel.