Thermo Mass Photo


Measures the gases that are released as a result of weight changes and endothermic or exothermic reactions.


  • High sensitivity detection throughout a mass range of hydrogen to m/z 410.
    High sensitivity detection of unexpectedly evolved gas.
  • Electron ionisation (EI) and photoionization are the two types of ionisation available (PI).
  • STA and MS combined into one unit with a skimmer-like interface.
  • Simple measurement managed by a single software and diverse analysis with 3D presentation of MS in a user-friendly software.
  • Temperature range measurement.
    Standard model: 1000°C ambient temperature.
  • Model with a high-temperature environment: up to 1500°C.


Thermo Mass Photo is a simultaneous instrument that uses a skimmer-type interface to combine STA with mass spectrometry (MS).

It has two separate modes for qualitative analysis of evolved gases, namely electron ionisation (EI) and soft ionisation by photoionization (PI), both of which are available with only one click on the software.

Interface similar to a skimmer
We were able to accomplish a more compact design than the traditional capillary approach because it uses a skimmer type interface, which is made up of a twin orifice structure based on the jet separator principle.

PI stands for Photo Ionization.
The gentle ionisation method, which uses a VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) light, allows molecule ions to be ionised without fragmentation. We can confirm the molecular ions (parent ions) in a fragment-free spectrum using this method.

Since the traditional electron ionisation system is in place, we may obtain a more thorough evolved gas analysis result by comparing the EI and PI results.

Specifications Table

Product nameThermo Mass Photo
TechniqueSimultaneous thermal analysis (STA) and mass spectrometry (MS)
BenefitTG provides information on the weight changes derived from reactions such as dehydration, evaporation, sublimation, desorption, decomposition, adsorption, oxidation, while DTA provides temperature information associated with endo- or exothermic reactions.
TechnologyHorizontal differential thermogravimetric-differential thermal analyzer (TG-DTA) w/ evolved gas analysis
Core attributesHorizontal differential triple-coil balance system  automatically cancels various fluctuations causing TG drift resulting to a more accurate measurement.
Core optionsSmart loader
ComputerExternal PC
Core dimensions870 (W) x 576 (H) x 547 (D) (mm)
Mass (core unit)98 kg
Power requirements1Ø, 200V 50/60Hz 10A