SS1000 Grinder/Polisher

Low- to Medium-volume Dual Grinder and Polisher

Our Spectrum System 1000 is an 8 in (200 mm), dual-design grinder/polisher ideal for the low- to medium-volume laboratory. It’s available as either a manual stand-alone base unit or with an oscillating head for semi-automatic sample preparation. The powerful 0.5 HP (373W) motor drives both 8 inch wheels simultaneously. Options such as adding the head assembly and dispenser maximizes efficiency and throughput in your lab.


  • Grinding and polishing times are kept track of by a built-in timer.
  • This eliminates the possibility of over-grinding or polishing the surface.
  • The operator is free to walk away and complete other responsibilities.
  • Base with variable speed to suit your demands.
  • Wheel has two sides for increased output.
    Design is compact and long-lasting.
  • At any given moment, up to six 1.25 in (32 mm) inch samples can be manufactured.