Simultix 15


Elemental analysis of solids, powders, and alloys at high throughput.


  • Synthetic multi-layers, RX-SERIES
    • New synthetic multi-layer crystal ”RX85”produces about 30% greater intensity than existing multi-layers for Be-Ka and B-Ka.
  • XRD channel
    • Equipped with XRD channel, Simultix 15 can be performed the quantitative analysis by XRF and XRD.
  • Doubly curved crystal
    • Optional doubly curved crystal can be equipped to fixed channel. The intensity by doubly curved crystal increases compared with single curved crystal.
  • Improved software is easy to use
    • Simultix 15 software has enhanced operability of quantitative condition setting by adopting a quantitative analysis flow bar same as the ZSX software.
  • Heavy and light scanning goniometer
    • Optional wide elemental range goniometer supports standardless semi-quant (FP), and may be used for qualitative or quantitative determination of non-routine element.
  • BG measurement for trace elements
    • Optional background measurement (BG) for fixed channel, resulting in improved calibration fits and superior accuracy.
  • Automatic Pressure Control (APC)
    • Optional APC system maintains a constant vacuum level in the optical chamber to dramatically improve light element analysis precision.
  • Quantitative scatter ratio method
    • When utilizing the Compton scattering ratio method, for ore and concentrate analysis, optional quantitative scatter ratio method generates theoretical alphas for scattering ratio calibration.
  • Up to 40 fixed channels
    • Standard 30 fixed channel configuration that may be optionally upgraded to 40 channels.
  • Automation
    • Optional Sample Loading Unit provides belt-in feed from a third party sample preparation automation system.

XRF for fast, precise elemental analysis

In practically any sample matrix, analyse beryllium (Be) through uranium (U). Precision, accuracy, and sample throughput are the most critical criteria for automated process control. Simultix 15 provides unsurpassed analytical speed and sensitivity with up to 30 (and possibly 40) discrete and optimised elemental channels and 4 kW (or optionally 3 kW) of X-ray tube power. This instrument is the ideal elemental analysis metrology tool, thanks to its powerful but user-friendly software, which includes substantial data reduction capabilities and maintenance functionality.

Elemental analysis by XRF with full automation

Automation is an absolute must for high-throughput applications. A 48-position Automatic Sample Changer can be added to the Rigaku Simultix 15 WDXRF spectrometer (ASC). The Sample Loading Unit, which is available as an option, allows right or left side belt-in input from a third-party sample preparation automation system for complete automation.

Elemental analysis by simultaneous WDXRF

In contrast to the more common sequential WDXRF apparatus, which analyses elements one by one using a scanning goniometer with an analysing crystal changing mechanism, simultaneous WDXRF accelerates the measurement process. Each Rigaku Simultix 15 XRF spectrometer is tailored to your specific elemental analysis needs, with distinct, optimised fixed channels for the elements of interest. All channels measure at the same moment since there are no moving components, time delays, or compromises. Simultaneous WDXRF is the best solution in terms of time-to-result, precision, dependability, low cost-per-analysis, and instrument longevity. For increased flexibility, Simultix 15 wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers can be fitted with a scanning goniometer for element analysis and XRD channels for phase analysis.