PX400/PX500 Grinder/Polisher Series

Advanced Automated Grinding and Polishing System

To keep your metallography lab running smoothly, the PX400/PX500 grinder/polisher stresses ease-of-use while generating extraordinarily flat specimens. The PX400/PX500, designed with cutting-edge technology, offers an efficient, safe, dependable, and clean grinding/polishing solution with a variety of unique, user-friendly features.


  • An easy-to-use touch-screen programme with a number of handy tools to make your grinding and polishing process go faster.
  • Drain blockages are prevented by a spiral bowl design with an automatic bowl cleansing mechanism.
  • After the cycle is completed, slowly index the wheel for easy mount removal.
  • The gradual rotation of the holder for easy mount loading is provided by the individual sample functionality.
  • Additional than 30 tried-and-true ways are pre-installed, with more available for creation or download.
  • Fixed and individual sample techniques are available in models.
  • Up to five programmed metered fluid dispensers provide constant suspensions and extenders to fulfil any polishing requirement.

SAXS/WAXS with broad experimental range

LECO’s comprehensive two-dimensional (GCxGC) system with FID, SCD, and/or ECD detectors is the appropriate choice for analytical procedures that demand more resolving power than standard GC can provide. LECO’s GCxGC solutions give unrivalled separating power, whether you need to speciate sulfur-containing chemicals in petroleum, separate halogenated insecticides, or quantify chiral compounds in tastes or perfumes.

The modulator’s concentrating effect creates sharp, narrow peaks with greater S/N than 1D GC (3–10 times more sensitivity).
Compounds belonging to the same chemical class can be found in the same region of the chromatogram, which is critical for group categorization and quantification.