SmartSite RS

The SmartSite RS is the world’s smallest portable stress analyzer that is especially designed for field analysis. It enables to characterize residual stress of metal parts ranging from large construction projects to individual products, e.g. bridges, maritime vessels, aircraft, aerospace equipment, pipelines, heavy machinery and automobiles.


The world’s smallest instrument design

The world’s smallest measurement head has dimension of 114(W) x 248(D) x 111(H) mm and weights 3 kg. It enables to measure residual stress of inner surface of 200 mmφ bore.

Rapid & easy data acquisition

High-speed two-dimensional (2-D) semiconductor detector accelerates the data acquisition time and accuracy of the date. Residual stress is measured by 60 seconds or less in most of cases. 1-click operation thanks to pre-define measurement and sample parameters.

Remote operation through a tablet PC and Wi-Fi

The instrument is remotely controlled by a table PC equipped with Wi-Fi communication. This design is especially useful if the measurement must be performed in a hazardous area or where access is limited.

No on-site utilities required

The device is operated by either an integrated battery or AC 100-240 V supplied through a wall socket. The integrated affords up to 100 measurements before recharging. It also doesn’t require any other utilities, like cooling water. Therefore, there is no need to prepare any special on-site utilities.


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