Organic Sample Preparation

Solid-phase extraction, commonly referred to the acronym SPE, is an extraction technique that uses the affinity of a solid substance (solid phase), generally packed in columns or disks, with one or more substances present in a more or less complex matrix.

  • Differently than any other systems, the LabTech WSPE vacuum manifold features a patented valve system able to grant precise fl ow control through each cartridge. The WSPE vacuum manifolds allow to process up to 12 (WSPE12) or 24 (WSPE24) samples simultaneously.
    • Glass base resistant to solvents preventing condensation and discoloration
    • Anticorrosion cover to avoid deformation under high-pressure working conditions
    • High quality and reliable PTFE rack
    • Screw-type solvent resistant vacuum regulator for accurate vacuum control
    • PTFE rack for 11, 13 and 15mm tubes to satisfy daily use and virtually all laboratory needs


The Extrapid manual SPE system is the ideal partner when treatment of large volume samples is required. A unique and flexible extraction solution for standard and routine SPE needs in environmental analysis.
  • 3-ways valves to effi ciently control the sample collection and the waste discharge
  • Up to 4 samples run individually or simultaneously
  • 1, 3, 6mL cartridge and 47, 90mm disk options
  • Flow control valve ensuring accurate fl owrate and high reproducibility
  • Sample fl owrate from 1 to 45mL/min
  • Parts directly in contact with solvents made of PTFE or stainless steel to ensure excellent anticorrosion resistance