LM Series Microindentation Hardness Tester:

Economical Microindentation System

Our LM Series of Microindentation Hardness Testing Systems are ideal for a production facility or a research lab, and they come in a number of variants (both analogue and digital) with advanced capabilities that may be modified to match your specific needs and budget.


  • The load varies between 1 gf and 2000 gf.
  • Turret can be operated manually or automatically.
  • A wide range of targets are available, ranging from 2.5X to 100X.
  • One turret can have up to four objectives and two indenters.
  • Your laboratory will save room with a smaller footprint.


It’s useful for a range of tasks, including nitrate coating, layer hardness determination, thin specimen testing, and welding, to mention a few.