Affordable Brightfield Imaging for Materials Science

The LC35 digital microscope camera is a good bargain for materials science imaging, combining high-quality brightfield images with low cost. The LC35 camera is a great addition to our microscopes because it can be operated easily with our camera software and has seamless compatibility and upgradeability with our industrial microscopes.


  • CMOS sensor with a resolution of 3.5 megapixels.
  • Because of the various exposure times and resolution settings, it is suitable for a wide range of samples and observing conditions.
  • Reduces the need for post-image-capture modifications by displaying your samples in their original colour tones.
  • With a frame rate of up to 40 frames per second, navigate around your sample quickly and effortlessly to obtain fine focusing and fast image acquisition.

Integrates Seamlessly with Olympus Imaging Systems

With comprehensive microscope setup help, software support, and optical compatibility, the LC35 microscope camera may be easily integrated with an Olympus image system. Use the camera with OLYMPUS StreamTM or PRECiVTM image analysis software for straightforward, efficient operation, depending on your application.

Simple to Set Up and Start Using

The LC35 camera is easy to set up. A single USB 3.1 chord provides power and high-speed data transfer to your PC or laptop, eliminating the need for an AC converter. Using several C-mount adaptors, the camera may be quickly fitted to any light microscope.

The camera’s uncomplicated software makes it simple for users of any skill level to start taking pictures right away. You’ll be able to use the camera to its full capabilities in no time, including interactive measurements, commenting on photographs, archiving, and making reports, with just a little instruction.