IA44 Image Analysis & Management System

Easy-to-Operate Image Capture & Storage System

Our IA44 Image Analysis/Management System quickly converts your raw data into useful information that allows you to successfully explain your findings. The combination of strong image management capabilities and point-and-click ease of use creates a comprehensive solution for users of all skill levels. The PAX-it2TM software also offers easy picture management, which saves, organises, and retrieves all images and related data for increased convenience.


  • Operation is simple.
  • Database search tool with a lot of power.
  • Application-specific toolbar buttons that can be customised.
  • Professional software tools that are comprehensive.
  • Application wizards make it simple to create complicated applications from start or change existing ones.
  • Sample data can be saved and organised using a similar file cabinet arrangement within the system, or exported to Microsoft® Excel.