The LabTech Hotplates line is designed to handle the daily heating needs of laboratories. Different digital temperature controllers and an anticorrosion or stainless steel heating surface are among their distinguishing qualities. They are ideal for heating digestion, evaporation, and acid distillation, and they meet the needs of a variety of laboratories.


  • Compact footprint

  • Chemical resistance

  • Flexibility

  • Ease of use

  • Fast heating

  • Robustness

Best in safety, flexibility and durability

Hot plates are undoubtedly among the many tools used in modern laboratories. More sensitive and expensive instruments receive the most attention. This is why our R&D team has worked hard to develop simple but incredibly durable instruments that can withstand many heavy containers, chemical assault, and an unfriendly environment.

laboratory employees’ treatment As a result, a 19-strong line of heavy-duty equipment has been developed to satisfy the needs of lab managers and technicians on a regular basis. Microprocessor control, long-term and reliable operation, corrosion-resistant surfaces, toughness, and compactness are all shared traits, regardless of the line.