ETHOS™ X line

ETHOS X line of Natural products for Enhanced Production

ETHOS X line

High Performance Microwave Digestion System

The Milestone’s long-standing commitment to use of microwave technology for solvent-free extraction from botanical material has led to the ETHOS X 2.0 and ETHOS XL, two dedicated solutions for craft applications as well as medium and large-scale processors.


The ETHOS X 2.0 has been designed with the aim of simplifying the extraction process for craft applications and medium level commercial companies. The sequence of operation starts by placing botanical material into the large reactor (15 L) and in just a few seconds the extraction process begins. The high microwave energy allows for a quick evaporation of the compounds along with the water content of the plant material. The temperature sensor ensures a proper distillation flow, so that the oils and water re-condense into a dedicated water-cooled apparatus where they are separated into two phases based on their different density. The oils can then be easily collected into a dedicated flask.


The ETHOS XL has been designed to process large volumes of botanical material through a simplified workflow. The process starts with the loading of the material into bags and then into the drum of the system. The system then automatically loads the water into the bottom of the cavity and starts the heating process. The high microwave power along with the dedicated heating pads ensure that the distillation conditions are quickly reached. The temperature sensor controls the entire process to maximize the extraction efficiency and to ensure reproducibility. At the competition of the run, the extracts are being separated from the water in the dedicated burette, so that the operator can easily collect the extract.