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SAXS/WAXS with broad experimental range

Suga Abrasion Tester NUS-ISO3

Unsurpassed resproducibility and linearity

This instrument tests the abrasion resistance of alminum anodic oxide films, plating, coatings, plastics, rubber and other products. All kinds of grinding paper can be used, and with a wide range of specimen holders available, not only plate-shaped specimens but specimens of many different shapes can be attached to the instrument. Tests can be designed flexibly in accordance with the specimen’s actual use condition.

Automobile-related Test Instrument

Reproduce severe environment where automotive encounters, SUGA offers various customized industries to meet demands.

Gravel Test Instrument JA400

This apparatus is designed to evaluate the chipping resistance of coating for automobile part.

This apparatus is designed to reproduce the effect of gravel or other media striking exposed paint or coated surfaces of an automobile and has been correlated with actual field results.

Rain Test Instrument RA-Z

Determination of the degree of protection against the intrusion of water

This apparatus is used for determination of the degree of protection against the intrusion of water
specified in IEC 60529 ( JIS C 0920 ), ISO 20653 and DIN 40050, such as IPX3, 4, 5 and 6.
The allowable size of the apparatus which corresponds to a specimen is per request.


Heat aging test complying with ISO 188

TG100 is a heat aging test instrument that conforms to the new ISO 188-2007, an important standard for determining the lifespan of rubber and plastic materials. The air replacement rate is set by the easy-to-operate flow rate meter as recommended by ISO. Accurate testing can be performed with minimal limitations on installation location.

Ozone Weather Meter OMS-HN・OMS-LN

True ozone control made possible with pursuit of accuracy

This instrument performs accelerated ozone degradation testing for organic materials (such as rubber) used in automobiles and electronic materials. Its fully closed system allows for true ozone concentration tests. Applicable to ISO 1431-1 standard.

Colour Fastness Test Instruments

These apparatus test the strength (durability) of dyed textiles against color loss and contamination from various angles such as light, laundering, perspiration, rubbing, and gas.

UV Fade Meter U48AU

Performs tests other light sources just can’t do

Suga UV Long-Life Auto Fade Meter is extensively used for colour fastness test of textile materials. An enclosed carbon arc lamp as the light source has the longest history of use among weathering test apparatus. It has an intense energy in the UV range (around 388 nm) and can be lighted continuously for 48 hours. U48AU has an automatic air control system with an air control value to mix circulating chamber-air and introduced ambient-air. It also includes a vaporizer, which allows for a highly precise control of temperature and humidity.


Flammability Test Instrument

Flammability Test Instrument MVSS

A testing device that complies fully with US automotive safety standards

MVSS series comply with US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), measuring the burning rate of an automotive interior material in a horizontal position. Also available are models MVSS-2 and MVSS-3, which include a control unit that includes a flame height adjustor, a burner flame application timer, a gas supply switch, etc. MVSS-2 is in conformity to FMVSS and SAE, and MVSS-3 is in conformity to ISO and JIS.