Industrial Microscopes DP28

The DP28 industrial digital microscope camera combines strong features, accurate colour accuracy, and up to 4K resolution across a wide field of view to deliver high-quality, artifact-free photographs of your inspection samples. Make your inspections go faster and easier with sharp, clear visuals, even while the stage is moving.


  • High Contrast mode allows for easier image acquisition with a high signal-to-noise ratio when polarisation or fluorescence observation is performed.
  • Long-exposure imaging that is reliable: Even in low-light settings, the Fast Live function maintains a steady high frame rate, ensuring that your image remains smooth when scanning samples.
  • Check to see if the area you’re measuring is in focus: The Focus Peaking feature displays a sample map in colour with in-focus sections in colour and out-of-focus areas in grayscale.
  • Olympus’ smart image averaging (OSIA) technology reduces noise and eliminates artefacts while keeping a high frame rate.

Efficient, High Quality Inspections with 4K images

Under low magnification, view your samples in spectacular 4K quality to see even the tiniest details.

Comfortably View Images on Screen

The visuals on the screen seem just like they do via the microscope’s eyepieces, whether you’re seeing samples on a monitor or a projector, so you know you’re not missing any features or data.

  • Industrial CMOS sensor with 8.9 megapixels and global shutter.
  • With 4K resolution, you can see the details of your sample at low magnification.
  • At 60 frames per second, capture HD-quality photos (fps).
  • Clear images with minimal wobbling or tearing artefacts allow for quick sample scanning.

Sample Images with Precise Color

Thanks to customised ICC profiles, exact colour accuracy presents your samples in their true colours.