DigiBlock digesting systems are available from LabTech in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of any customer. The DigiBlock heating surface is made of graphite or aluminium alloy with a PTFE coating and can hold up to 54 graded tubes. It can function at temperatures ranging from ambient temperature to 450°C. To perform EPA authorised processes, the DigiBlock adheres to the highest international requirements. To speed up, the DigiBlock uses low-cost, disposable digesting tubes. There are no identifiable background pollutants in the LabTech PP digestion tubes, and they don’t need to be washed with acids before use. To satisfy every laboratory purpose, different sizes and disposable tubes are offered.

Quality, productivity and efficiency in metal sample prep

In laboratories, digestion takes numerous forms. Metal digestion is one of the most common. Preparation of samples is also common. Procedures require around 85% of the time connected with atomic spectroscopy analysis, where sample quality, convenience of use, and speed are all important concerns. The 8-unit strong LabTech DigiBlock line is a good solution for completing these tasks. 4 of the 8 variants are “ITOUCH” versions, which come with a useful controller (connected to the main unit via a 2-meter long cable) that can be put on any metallic surface (e.g. outside a laminar flow) and offers complete control of the sample digesting process. Gaseous byproducts of acid digestion of organic samples influence closed digestion containers.

Several gramme samples are required in a variety of applications to obtain a more representative percentage of big sample bulk or to compensate for analytical equipment sensitivity limits. The DigiBlock digestion line from LabTech provides for quick open digestions of up to 54 organic materials weighing several grammes apiece. To speed up and simplify the digestive process, the DigiBlock accepts low-cost, disposable digestion tubes. To satisfy every laboratory purpose, different sizes and disposable tubes are offered. In combination with graphite, the maximum temperature of 450°C enables for a wide range of applications.

6 Good reasons to choose LabTech DigiBlocks

Very compact footprint

Chemical resistance


Ease of use

Uniform temperature regardless the sample position

Excellent price/performance ratio